Coffee anyone?

No-one knows when exactly, but coffee shops and cafes started multiplying at a great rate through Brisbane’s inner city some time ago. But up until a year or two back they were still a rare find in Woolloongabba.

Sure we had the mainstream places in the shopping centres, but urban little haunts like Brown Dog Cafe in Nile St are now a more common sight. Places that focus on the coffee and keep the food and furniture simple. It seems the more tucked away the location the more they appeal, and being in amongst the sheds of the Gabba’s light industry and opposite a brothel or two makes them even more desirable.

Woolloongabba’s going through a lot of change and over time many of these businesses will make way for more residential apartments. It’s ironic that the suburb’s latest residential drawcard is to be able to sip a double shot soy cap in these raw and unpretentious backstreets. Let’s hope we can preserve the appeal as time goes on.