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Taking care with renovations

With a quieter sales market comes a busier phase of home renovation. And when you see untrained couples on TV rebuilding entire homes in a few short weeks, how hard can it be?! But the hazards of undertaking your own home reno aren’t just broken budgets and relationships.

If your home was built before 1978 (that’s almost all houses in Brisbane’s inner-city and even a good number of apartments) you need to watch out for lead paint. Rochele Painting remind us that even with layers of new paint over the top, it doesn’t take much to expose you and your family to that original coat of lead-treated paint. They say lead was used in its day for good reason: it dried quickly, made the paintwork more durable and it resisted corrosion-causing moisture.

Of course we now know the health dangers of lead and its use in paint was banned many years ago. But when you sand back a wall or remove a window or pull out an old kitchen, that flaking old paint could be toxic. Read more at Rochele Painting’s website on identifying if your home has lead in its old paint and, importantly, all the options for safe removal. It sounds like a nasty and costly process to follow the full works. Houses cocooned in tarpaulins, tradesmen with protective suits and respirators…

Dare we ask, in this lawsuit-driven world we live in, when will the law-makers decide that home-sellers and landlords should give notice that a property contains lead paint? And given recent years’ findings about the dangers of household materials like lead paint and asbestos, it also makes you wonder: what will be ripping out of our homes in 30 years’ time?

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