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New to Brisbane? Some ideas on choosing a suburb

Brisbane is home to plenty of “new” residents. Country Queenslanders, new Australians and of course our southern cousins who see the light and join us in the Sunshine State. And when we moved here all of us have had to find our “patch”, the part of Brisbane to call home. The neighbourhood where we feel like we belong, where our “birds of a feather flock together”. The place that’s handy for our work, near the weekend activities we like. The suburb that’s close to what the demographers call our “Third Place”, the bar or café strip for example where we spend the most time after home and work.

But when you first arrive in town how do you know which suburb to choose?

There’s a lot of online info but it’s almost always written by some vested interest. A café that tells you Bulimba’s Oxford Street is Brisbane’s premium dining strip. A managed apartment building website that says Spring Hill is an easy walk to all the CBD has to offer. But what is it really like to live in Bulimba or Spring Hill? If you love Queenslander homes or a certain style of architecture where do you search? If you need a big yard where do you go? Even if you’ve decided you want an inner-city lifestyle within 5km of the CBD that still gives you 44 suburbs to choose from.

The Real Estate Institute of Queensland has some good suburb profiles on their website and Bees Nees own site might be a good place to start, where we’ve made some short notes of dwelling types etc. If you’re going to rent a home and want a feel for rents in each suburbs try for a quick and easy search of each postcodes’ median rents. Using the dynamic mapping on you can also choose a suburb (or Brisbane CBD if you need a starting point) and zoom out until you find a home that meets your budget criteria – for renting and buying.

Using a relocation agency can also be a good step. They’ll assess your lifestyle and housing needs and offer solutions to match – and yes Bees Nees has a sister company that specialises in executive relocation to Brisbane!

Are you a property snob and won’t live in certain areas?! Forget political correctness and tell us in the comments box below. We promise to publish all comments and you can remain anonymous! Tell us which Brisbane suburbs are your dream-home favourites and let loose on the places you won’t even drive through.