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Why hold an Open House?

They look good on all those TV shows don’t they? Open homes with the stupendous bunches of fresh flowers, impossibly sparkling floors, kitchen appliances that are blindingly clean, the tidiest kids’ bedrooms you’ve ever seen. And out of camera-shot is some poor house-owner who’s just spent 32 hours straight slaving to have it all look that way. The TV presenter and suit-wearing agent just rocked up in time for the cameras to roll. And even in the real world an open house can be a lot of work. So are they worth having?

Yes. Because that buyer who didn’t want to make a private appointment will come along. The buyer who didn’t want a one-on-one with real estate agents (sometimes known to be pushy), the couple who hadn’t considered this area but thought they’d get a quick review by “doing the opens”, the investor who lives nearby who just wanted a sticky-beak. All these people have bought from me after coming to an open home.

The test of course is would they have bought that property anyway? And in a number of cases I can confidently say no.

There are Brisbane real estate agents that declare open homes to be the work of Satan himself. Playing on fears of security concerns (for the record I’ve had no problem with this in 20 years), and the hassles of preparing for an open home, they argue that serious buyers will call. And they’re right, serious buyers do call and the conversion rate at private appointments is naturally much higher.

But their argument is a bit like a car yard having a whopping gate around it with a boom gate and security guard. Why do their salespeople keep cars unlocked, doors wide open, and whisk you off for a test-drive? They want you to experience what life would be like if you just make the purchase. And so do I.

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