Real Estate Marketing

The best value real estate marketing

In this new world of the web we’re all led to believe that selling anything is about online traffic. If you haven’t got a thousand visits to your web ad there’s no chance you’ll sell your home. Or so we’re told. You can pay a bit more to get to the top of portal search results. You should use a professional photographer to get your hero shot to stand out from the rows of search results, and you should have a catchy headline that’s relevant to your target audience. You should be with the biggest and best sites. Get those thousands of eyes on your ad – it’s all about traffic, traffic, traffic!

Yet traffic of another kind is really the best value real estate advertising. It’s the potential buyers driving and walking past your property. The web is an important part of promoting real estate but for dollars spent you can’t beat a simple signboard stuck to the front fence. Home buyers love to trawl through the back streets of their favoured neighbourhoods, eyes peeled for an undiscovered gem. And despite the layers of data, up to the minute satelite imagery and Street View pics, those web ads just can’t tell you what it’s like to stand in that street. The noises, smells, breezes.

We often have seller clients say they don’t want their neighbours sticky-beaking through at an open home. And while we understand the desire for privacy some of the best word-of-mouth promotion you’ll get for your property comes from your neighbours. They live there and they want to share it with friends and family. They think homes in the area are worth more than they really are and they’ll talk the place up til the cows come home. They’re like real estate agents, only free!

So we’re not surprised how many buyers tell us they found their new home by its signboard. It’s the cheapest item on any marketing plan and it finds you buyers who’ve already chosen your neighbourhood.