Brisbane's future & new infrastructure, South Brisbane and South Bank

Stop, go back, slow down, turn around…

One of the challenges of building in Brisbane’s inner-city suburbs is that there’s not a lot of room to spread out. New buildings almost always cover their complete site area so until the ground floor is completed (and earthworks and basements can take months) builders are forced to take over footpaths and sometimes even whole lanes of their adjoining streets.

There’s currently a number of local construction sites with orange-vested people out the front. Slowing us down, directing us around and turning us back. Merivale Street is one of South Brisbane’s busiest roads, as the east-bound off-ramp from the Go Between Bridge. So the workers on “Station 16” apartments (pictured) have a lot of traffic to contend with and 2 lanes get pushed back to 1. It’s annoying for everyone but impossible to avoid.