New face for Clarence Corner

Feel like a glass of Sunshine Honey Wheat beer? You know there’s change happening in a suburb when some of the major landmarks get a facelift and the almost-unrecognisable Clarence Corner Hotel is a good example. The Brewhouse has done a lot more than add some new signs and the new operators say they’re “undergoing a gradual transformation from bland Aussie boozer into craft beer Mecca.”

Locals have no doubt had a chuckle at the street’s transformation over the past couple of years, highlighted ironically by a strip club being replaced by an obstretician!

If this latest change is good for the locals we support it. We do think it’s a shame the date the pub was built (1889) is no longer featured up the top of the building’s facade. If you’re in there enjoying a honey wheat beer why not ask them to repaint it?!