Brisbane landlords, Brisbane's rental market

Brisbane tenants stay put to avoid rent rises

New data on Brisbane’s rental housing market shows tenants are not moving as often, staying longer in their homes to save money. And it seems landlords are keeping a lid on rent rises to keep them there. Bees Nees’ Rob Honeycombe says the Residential Tenancies Authority’s latest stats showed the turnover of tenancies is lower than during 2010.

“Tenants know that moving house is expensive and if their rent increases are fair they’ll stay put. The RTA stats show that over the past year Brisbane’s median rents rose just 4% and that’s been accepted by the market,” Rob said. “Landlords have become more cautious too and many are reluctant to have an empty property. We saw the same conservatism during the GFC in 2008 and this means tenants currently have less pressure on them,” he said.

But the supply of rental homes is rising slowly and without new construction rents will increase again. “Across Brisbane the total rental pool grew by just 1,253 properties in the September quarter. That’s half the number we added in the June quarter – we’re just not bringing a lot of new rental housing onto the market.”

September’s RTA stats showed no increase in rents on the June quarter. A 3 bedroom Brisbane house rent remained at $390 per week while a 2 bedroom apartment is $380.