Brisbane landlords

Tenancy laws a trap for the unwary

Preparing a tenancy agreement is not the simple process it used to be. Like much of Queensland’s property paperwork this heavily-regulated lease has grown in length enormously over recent years. Somehow the Acts get bigger, the agreements get bigger, but whether either side is any better off is anyone’s guess. One of the biggest dangers for self-managed landlords and inexperienced agency staff is contracting out of the Act, usually through requiring tenants to meet unlawful demands.

And sometimes those who should know better can come unstuck too. According to the RTA’s latest news two principals of a Brisbane real estate agency have been fined $3,000 each for six offences including adding special terms into tenancy agreements in breach of the Act. They were ordered to write to all existing tenants and inform them that certain special terms that had been written into the agreements would not be enforced.

No conviction was recorded.