Brisbane's sales market

Brisbane house prices went up in May as the news turns positive

It’s a bit early for real estate agents to start popping champagne, but a new report says we had a 0.2% rise in our median price for the month of May. RP Data-Rismark’s data shows our prices may have bottomed. For the March – May quarter they report a drop of 1.5% so while that May increase might not seem like a big number it’s fairly encouraging!

On the ground this feels right to us. Many sellers are withdrawing from sale and, while buyers are still hesitant, wise heads amongst them say the current prices look like great value.

National valuation firm HTW says this is a time to buy. “Our staff are daily surprised by the seemingly affordable property on offer all around the place and if ever there were a time to have a lazy half million, it would be now. You would find yourself very comfortably looking in a number of areas that seemed until recently out of reach. Think inner city hotspots driven by the café lifestyle.”