Brisbane's sales market, trends in Brisbane property

Sydney v Brisbane: will home-buyers leave their state of origin?

There’s an often forgotten key to the growth of Brisbane’s inner-city property market over the past 10 years. Those people we love to beat in rugby league have played a huge role in driving the development of many Brisbane apartment projects, especially during the early 2000’s. And the latest national house prices show New South Welshmen and women may soon be looking to spend their dollars north of the border again.

Sydney’s median house price stands at $515,000 and the graphs are fairly stable for Australia’s largest city. Their market has been solid. In Brisbane we’ve had a big slowdown in sales numbers and our median price is down to $430,000 – now a 24% discount on Sydney. After the busy sales market of 2007-2008 Brisbane was only 6% cheaper than the Cockroach Capital. We’re starting to look cheap.

Many of the Brisbane’s big apartment buildings really only proceeded during 2001-2004 due to strong sales to southern states’ investors. Local agents and developers will argue they had broad appeal – and many did once the market got going. But Sydney-siders especially got our wheels turning. They saw something in Brisbane that locals often couldn’t. Strong population growth, jobs creation through economic strength, the start of a more cosmopolitan and modern (Sydney-ish?) style of living, a sense of optimism and of course better weather.

And now that our prices are so much lower than their own we should expect renewed interest once again. Brisbane’s median house price is cheaper than every capital except Hobart and Adelaide. Yes, even Darwin is dearer. Dig a little amongst the recent sales in some new Brisbane projects and there’s already a pattern of interstate interest. Not all the moons are aligned as they were a decade ago, but with our rents rising and the resources boom driving our employment, NSW investors will find us more and more attractive. 

Even if we beat them in the football!