Spring Hill

How many Spring Hill properties are for sale? I mean REALLY for sale??

We are constantly being bombarded by stats on everything these days. Here is another that will surprise you. We are currently hearing in the media that there are more listings on the market now than last year (some commentators speculating that there are 30% more in Brisbane) but in Spring Hill this is NOT the case.

I have just done a count on realestate.com and as of today there are currently 79 listings (apartments and houses) which are not either under contract or sold. This number fluctuates from week to week but I watch it every day and over the last 12 months the numbers are virtually identical with 81 listings on the market this time last year.

More surprisingly is the fact that as of today also only 11 out of the 79 have open homes advertised for this weekend or approx 14% that’s 1 in 7, the others all have call for an appointment. We all know that a lot can’t have open homes for various reasons including being in a hotel pool, owners preferring private viewings and so on. It is clear that a lot of these properties aren’t really for sale at all, at least not at the advertised price as many have been advertised with no adjustments for 6 months + and are clearly not being actively marketed and it appears that both the agent and the owner has given up on the sale.

Owners in this position have comments such as “oh well it’s not costing me anything to have it on the market”. WRONG!!! Clearly they are not doing themselves or the complex (in the case of apartments) any service whatsoever and should either get serious about their sale and actively market and price it correctly, or simply take it off the market. Simple supply and demand economics dictates more supply the cheaper the price, less demand the cheaper the price. Owners either get serious or at least shift the supply line to the left and prices, guess what? They go up.