Real Estate Marketing

Scan here for all the details

With a huge percentage of Aussies now running around with smart phones Bees Nees have started printing QR Codes on all our promotional material. Maybe you’ve seen these QR (Quick Response) fuzzy boxes on all sorts of ads and posters in recent months? If you have a smart phone you can download a scanner for free (we just searched “barcode scanner” on the Android Marketplace on our team’s phones) and using the phone’s camera, home buyers and tenants can link straight to the web ads we have for each property.

In plain English? Looking in our office window a buyer can hold their phone up to a brochure and in approx 10 seconds open the web ad for all the details – and take that home with them. It’s a quick way to bring the off-line and on-line worlds together and in real estate marketing we have so much extra info we want to share with buyers and tenants.

Buyers and tenants want to receive information in easily digestible pieces. The introduction of QR Codes is another small step in improving this.