Brisbane's sales market, Highgate Hill

Less for sale as local home-owners stay put

We keep a close eye on what’s for sale in Highgate Hill and there’s been a fairly sizable drop in the numbers over the past couple of weeks. As at today there’s just 11 Highgate Hill houses on the market for example, and of those only 4-5  are actively campaigning (i.e. doing more than just sitting on the web). This peaked at 24 at the time of January’s floods and has stayed around 20 for most of this year.

Local apartment listings are also down with just 24 now for sale, having peaked at 33 just a month ago.

This is positive news for local property owners as it means there’s less for buyers to choose from, and less price competition. It supports our view that very few owners are in a forced-sale situation – many would like to sell and upgrade/downgrade/move elsewhere, but they’re prepared to sit out this current market dip.

Surrounding suburbs are witnessing a similar drop in homes for sale, so if you’re looking to buy you might like to make your move now!