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Is your property in a flood zone?

The official Flood Inquiry progresses and we wait to hear whether there’s an easy place to lay the blame for January’s flooding. In the meantime Brisbane City Council has published their updated FloodWise Property Reports.

If you own a Brisbane property we’d recommend you take the time to check the interim Brisbane flood maps, because home buyers and even some tenants will be making use of them. And they won’t be fully accurate.

So how did they create the maps? The flood line is a joint effort from the State Govt and BCC using aerial photography taken between January 13th and 15th, then verifying these against “digital elevation models and contours”. Naturally some things are hard to spot from the air. Large trees and buildings create shadows, muddy water might be confused with gardens etc.

Apparently in the aftermath of the 1974 floods paint marks on the streets showed where water had reached and no doubt some enterprising intending home-sellers got the metho onto those pretty quickly! In this digital age the public record stands, but it might be worth everyone approaching the maps with some caution.

If you’re looking to buy and aren’t sure about floods levels why not ask a neighbour? Even now, 4 months on, the visible signs are still there with watermarked garden walls for example.