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Rent growth solid as demand builds on West End penisula

The March quarter stats are out from the Residential Tenancies Authority and after a couple of years of fairly stable rents we’ve now had 2 quarters of growth in postcode 4101. The median rent for a two bedroom apartment has hit $500 per week, a significant milestone as the first area outside the CBD to reach that mark. It’s good news for patient landlords.

And interestingly the gap between postcode 4000 and 4101 is shrinking noticably. It’s now just $40/week dearer to live in the CBD than the West End/South Brisbane/Highgate Hill area, where it was $100 more a couple of years back. Why? One reason is the new developments through West End’s riverside precinct that  have added a number of quality apartments with typically high rents. The inner-south’s early history may have been working class, but these suburb’s tenants now pay some of the highest rents in Queensland.

Go to to see current median rents for other Brisbane suburbs. Note: RTA stats quoted here cover all of postcode 4101 including Highgate Hill, South Brisbane and West End.