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Pool fence laws explained… again

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If you can keep track of this legislation you have far too much spare time on your hands! We have to – it’s our job!

Since December 1st Queensland pool owners have new legislation to comply with to ensure their fences meet the required standards and are kid-proof. Eventually the rules will cover all pools but for now it’s only when you sell or lease your property – and yes this includes apartments and all buildings with shared pools.   For the full details read our earlier blog post.

Late last year the government recognised that getting the required inspections and certifcates issued for all body corps was going to take some time, so they agreed we could sell or lease your apartment without a certificate – but only if we gave the buyers and tenants formal notices that there wasn’t one.

Now they’ve moved to include leasing of homes with “non-shared pools” (that’s house pools to you and me), admitting that the state’s building inspectors have a few things on their plate right now, plus we don’t want rental stock sitting empty waiting for certificates. So if you’re leasing your house with a pool you do not need a compliance certificate, provided you issue a notice advising that there isn’t one. If you’re selling your house and it has a pool you do need a certificate before you can sign a contract. This recent change is for leasing only.

At least that’ll be the case until July 8th, when it will all change again…