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Where to find pictures of the Brisbane floods

You have to keep your sense of humour! Photo by Brad Marsellos

Many out of town clients have been asking for resources to get a better understanding of what Brisbane suburbs actually flooded. Here’s some handy links:

Aerial photography of Brisbane floods – use the box in the top left to choose the street and suburb you’re interested in, just be careful to choose January 13th as the date you need. Not all parts of Brisbane were shot on that date, and of course the pics aren’t necessarily the exact moment of maximum inundation for all properties. But a great site to bookmark for the future.

Also try this ABC News page for interactive before and afters.

If you’re on Facebook this collection has over 1,800 reader contributed photos, many of them an amazing record that could only be captured by the people in and amongst the flooding.

One of the better YouTube compilation videos of the Brisbane flooding.

And go to Flickr for one of the biggest collections of photos, with many showing flooded Brisbane homes.

Brisbane City Council has been excellent at keeping residents informed through the crisis.

Please make a contribution to the Premier’s Flood Appeal, however small, to assist the victims. And if you’re a business owner wanting to do your bit please go to www.flooddiscounts.com.au , a great way tooffer something to residents who are going through tough times.

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