just for fun!, Woolloongabba

Join the Pocket Community Garden in Woolloongabba

Tucked away in an area of Woolloongabba the locals refer to as “The Pocket” sits a community garden established by residents and created to provide an opportunity for those interested to meet socially and learn about growing organic produce.

The community group meets every Sunday from 3pm for a working bee to maintain and build the garden. New members are always welcome and you can join for free by just showing up on a Sunday afternoon and pitching in or by emailing clytieb@gmail.com. As a member you get the benefit of picking fresh, organic produce from the garden, meeting new friends and learning about a range of organic gardening activities.

Despite the gardens Preston Street location and proximity to the creek it has remained relatively unscathed from the recent Brisbane floods. So the priorities of the group remain unchanged. At the moment they are looking to establish a worm farm, increase their compost production and create the means with which they can become self sufficient with water supply. If you would like to support any of these ventures but are time poor and not able to go to the working bees I recommend you contact Clytie on the above email address if you think you can help in other ways.

For those of you with young children there is also a small group of parents that meet at the garden on Monday mornings at 9:30 with their children to catch up for a chat and so their children can play in the fresh air. Sometimes the children get a chance to plant some seedlings, water the garden or pick some of the produce for lunch. Feel free to join in if you would like to meet other parents in the area.