Inner Brisbane events

Flood info for inner-Brisbane residents and property owners

If you’re like us you’re having a hard time accessing info that’s accurate and useful. It’s raining hard outside and snippets from the media say the next two days may be worse than 1974’s floods. Hopefully this is an extreme prediction.

Flood mapping info: Brisbane City Council released info on what Brisbane homes MIGHT be flood effected after the big downpour of May 2009. The pages today have been near-impossible to load so if you can’t open the one for your suburb try this handy alternative flood info, a site that’s mirrored the BCC content and is much quicker to download.

The government’s road closure info is worthwhile if you’re trying to get around.

Early afternoon prediction from the Lord Mayor is that 6,500 of Brisbane’s 400,000 properties may be effected in some way.