Dutton Park, trends in Brisbane property

Dutton Park Riverfont Homes Spared from Brisbane Floods

Talking to residents of Dutton Park’s riverfront properties I got a clear sense of relief that the flood waters did not reach their homes last week. Some residents were also there for the 1974 floods from which they were also spared. In both cases the flood waters may have come into lower areas of some backyards but in both 1974 and 2011 flood peaks did not reach the levels where homes are built.

Take a walk along the riverfront in Dutton Park, near the Eleanor Schonell Bridge and you may come across the flood marker erected by the Brisbane City Council as a reminder of the flood peak of 1974 which will give you a sense of how high the 1974 peak was in relation to homes in the area.

It seems Dutton Park might be somewhat of a rarity for an inner city, riverfront suburb being so close to the Brisbane River, yet having been spared from both 1974 and 2011 flood peaks. It also has the benefit of its proximity to entertainment hubs, univerities and good transport links.