Brisbane landlords, Real Estate Marketing

What makes Brisbane home buyers tick?

Did you know 70% of home buyers seek the assistance of a real estate agent to help them find the right property?

The Real Estate Institute of Queensland has just completed a fairly comprehensive study of consumer behaviour in our industry and our team has spent long hours digesting it to ensure we’re marketing our clients’ properties to the best of our ability!

So where do buyers come from and what attracts them to an area?  Aside from investors, buyers are more influenced to an area these days because they are able to achieve the lifestyle they desire over the potential for future growth. Interestingly they also tend to purchase within their local area.   They’re inspecting a greater number of properties in their search for the property they finally purchase.

Not surprisingly today’s buyers are time poor and real estate websites are overwhelmingly the preferred method of searching for a property. We know buyers are more likely to contact your agent and view your property if your advertising campaign contains the information and detail they expect to see. We also now know that in 30% of cases buyers report having paid more than they had originally budgeted.

So a great agent can make a big difference to your sale’s bottom line!

It’s equally important for landlords to have some insight on the impact their property manager has on tenant experience. A little over half of tenants are satisfied with the real estate agent or property manager they are dealing with. The main reason is the level of communication. Those that aren’t satisfied give a lack of professionalism as the main reason. Interestingly landlords tell a very similar story.

So chances are if you, the landlord, are confident in the professionalism and level of communication of your property manager, then so is your tenant.