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Preparing your home for sale

West End houseIf you’re about to list your property for sale you might find our checklist handy.

1. Get the Handyman in: Obvious maintenance issues encourage buyers to look for
more. Door catches, holes in screens, dripping taps, chips in benchtops etc.
2. Have carpets and curtains professionally cleaned and open windows before inspections. Everyone loves fresh air.
3. The Garage Sale: Tidy up, hold a garage sale and get rid of anything you don’t
need. Be honest – will you ever put the tyre swans back up in your new yard?!
4. Hire professional cleaners – it’s a small investment in making the home squeaky
clean. The kitchen and bathrooms are critical areas.
5. Maximise any views. Cut back any branches or bushes that are blocking your best
views. Cleaning windows and screens can make a huge improvement too.
6. Remove any items you aren’t including in the sale like those favourite curtains or
dishwasher. Ask us if you’re unsure what usually stays with a property.
7. The best way to introduce buyer to the home is through the front door – you might
use the garage or laundry but please supply us with a key to the front door. Make
sure we have keys to any additional areas like storerooms too so we can make
sure buyers see them.
8. Buying is an emotional decision so add some special touches like fresh flowers and
a bowl of fruit. Chocolates or lollies on the bench are a nice idea provided you’re
happy to share!
9. Tell your friends, rellies and neighbours the property is for sale: we all know the
value of word of mouth and you might be surprised who this turns up.
10. Bright homes feel enticing compared to dark or closed ones so open curtains and
turn on lights before inspections.
11. Soft light music like jazz or classical might be better than heavy rock! Please turn
off the television and any loud music.
12. Storage space is always appealing to buyers so clean out cupboards and throw
away whatever you can’t sell or give away.
13. Please find a place out of earshot to spend the time yourself. One of our jobs
showing a property is to listen for buyer feedback and they’ll rarely give this when
you’re in the room.
For Houses:
14. Sometimes a hard one to negotiate: unsightly yards in the immediate
neighbourhood will detract from your home. Politely ask if you can help clean up!
15. Tidy gardens and keep them that way with weekly mowing especially in summer.
Overgrown gardens look like hard work!
16. First Impressions: How’s the street appeal? The front yard will have an immediate
impact so make sure it’s a good one. Trimming or painting eaves etc may help
improve your house’s looks from the street.
17. Get a house washer in just before we start showing the property. Some repainting,
especially of highly visible areas like the front door, may quickly pay for
themselves. Clean guttering, brush away leaves and cobwebs.

Of course the list isn’t exhaustive and if you’d like further tips please call our sales team on 07 3214 6800. Do you have other suggestions? We’d love your comments.