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The better the property photos the higher the sales price

Most people instinctively know this but it’s amazing how many still let their selling agent ignore the facts. A very large study by a leading US Realtor has shown a strong link between the quality of the photos used in the campaign, and the sale price.

Redfin group studied 100,000 listings in the Boston metro area and Long Island, N.Y., and found homes with professional photographs sold up to US$116,000 more than those shot from cheaper, point-and-shoot cameras. Buyers also spent 61% more time looking at the online ads when they had professional pics.

Eighty per cent of the listings analysed had pics from a point and shoot camera – so even in the US where marketing is king, real estate agents are not discussing the cost and benefits of a professional shoot with their seller clients. Their market’s still in bad shape so agents are looking to save clients money, but it’s pretty obvious this isn’t the best way to do it.

Here in Brisbane we have a great contractor whose photos and floorplan package is usually less than $300.