Brisbane's sales market, trends in Brisbane property

Home buyers more positive on prices

Half of Australia’s home buyers say prices are on the rise, with most believing this is due to a shortage of places for sale.

In one of the largest research projects in recent months had 4,082 visitors to their portal complete a survey.

And encouragingly for those of you thinking of selling, half of buyers say prices are going up, 39% think they’re just stable and only 12% say they’re moving downwards. The same survey one year earlier had only 18% believing prices were rising. That’s a big turnaround.

When asked why prices might be rising 54% said there wasn’t enough for sale. The improving economy (40%) and the return of property investors to the market (35%) were also chosen as reasons for current price growth.

You can read too much into these surveys. But with such a big survey sample it should be fairly representative of buyers’ views.