Brisbane's future & new infrastructure, Highgate Hill

Highgate Hill apartments are history

The Beaumont Apartments at 91 Dornoch Terrace

There’s often chat in the market about “all those big apartment buildings” proposed for the area and how they might impact Highgate Hill. It’s hard to embrace change and especially when it effects our homes and through them our immediate lifestyle.

Ironically though Highgate Hill’s biggest apartment buildings have been a part of our local landscape for many years.

Torbreck, Beaumont and Dornoch Towers all line Dornoch Terrace, prominent on its high ridgeline and soaking in fabulous views. Rising 10 to 13 storeys from the street level these would be tall even if they were down low near the river. And they’re on one of Brisbane’s highest land areas.

Completed in 1960 Torbreck is still Highgate Hill’s most densely populated building with estimates ranging up to 300 residents. Beaumont has 48 apartments, just tipping Dornoch Towers with 45, both buildings having been built in the mid 1970’s.

There are a lot of apartments in the suburb – about half its 2000 dwellings in fact. And for the most part they are little buildings of 6-12 apartments. The challenge for Council, the development community and existing local residents, is to manage the increase in the number of apartments while protecting all that’s important to our lifestyles.

There’s already a long history to learn from.