Gabba parking drives residents crazy

It’s a constant dilemma in Brisbane’s inner city suburbs and it won’t get easier. We live near a whole bunch of places that people from the ‘burbs want to visit for work and play, and when they drive in they need a place to park. The CBD itself is Queensland’s largest employment base and the Mater Hospital is right up on that list too.

Add the Gabba sportsground and South Bank Parklands and it’s no surprise Woolloongabba residents often struggle to get up their streets with cars jammed against every spare piece of curb. To make this more of achallenge some of our oldest homes have limited or no off-street parking of their own.

Council is now moving to add more parking meters to local streets, limiting the length of time cars can be parked in the area. And it’s raising some concern, especially from local businesses worried their customers may stay away.

Of course a big chunk of Woolloongabba is already inside the “Brisbane Central Traffic Area”, a regulated patch that has maximum 2 hour parking. If you’re between the M1 and Annerley Road (Merton Road etc) this is you.

It’s never a popular move to introduce parking meters. Council are accused of revenue raising and they argue they’re trying to keep commuters and long-stay visitors from filling the spots.

We heard the international lateral-thinking guru Edward de Bono speak at a seminar earlier this year, and he had a great idea to replace parking meters. De Bono argues that if you want to shorten the time parkers stay in one spot you should simply legislate to require them to keep their car headlights on whenever they’re parked. No need for meters, easy to police and you’re guaranteed to keep their stay nice and short!

Council say they’re open to comment on their proposal for the next 4 weeks.