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A picture tells: Professional photos make all the difference selling Brisbane real estate

Professional photographers can transform a building

If you believe the marketing gurus, more and more advertising messages are being consumed through images and video. No wonder, with the deluge of sales pitches we all endure almost every hour of the day no-one has the attention span left to read. So the importance of photos in real estate marketing is becoming more critical than ever.

When surveyed 1000 people on their site the number 2 gripe about agents’ ads was the photos (number 1 was “no price”). Buyers are trolling through dozens of possible search results and if you don’t stand out with a high quality hero pic you won’t get that all important click-through. And almost three quarters of those survey respondents want more than 5 photos once they view the ad. So your sales agent is not doing their job if

they haven’t asked you to fund a professional photo shoot, and have at least 10 sharp, well executed images on your web ad. The choice of shot for your classified and newspaper display ads is similarly critical.

Not every home is straight from the pages of Vogue Magazine. Dark rooms, overcrowded or dated furniture and limited street appeal can all make a photo shoot challenging. But a professional with the right camera gear can make a huge difference to the result. Even without full staging or de-clutteringthey can move the odd item around to really improve the visual appeal (like taking the magnets off fridges!)

And if you think limiting the pics to a smaller number will get the curious buyer to come along to the open home anyway, in our experience you’re likely to be disappointed. They have choices, they have limited time on a Saturday and they want to be pretty sure the home’s close to fitting the bill before they’ll leave the comfort of their lounge room.

Have another browse through the portals and see how many badly photographed homes are on there. Blurry, crooked, badly framed, unwitting self-portraits in mirrors, pools full of leaves, toilet seats up and breakfast plates on kitchen benches…. It’s time some agents and their seller clients got serious about marketing real estate.

Please share the shocker ads you’ve seen!