Brisbane's sales market, Woolloongabba

Is your house worth a million?!

Everyone wants to know the value of their own house, or more importantly what the market is willing to pay for the property. What’s interesting about Woolloongabba is that despite its proximity to the city there have only been 6 sales since 2006 that have gone over the one million dollar mark.

That’s not to say that there aren’t plenty of properties in the area that have the capability to reach the mark, it’s just that most of them haven’t been for sale for a number of years. Of those that have sold my favourite is a property on Albert Street that sold for $1.13 million back in 2006. It was on a large┬áblock and featured a combination of old world charm on the outside with a tastefully designed modern interior. The finishes were exceptional and I think the buyers got good value from a home that had been thoughtfully renovated.

From dealing with a number of buyers at the moment I’d suggest there is definitely potential for Woolloongabba houses to sell at $1m plus this year. We just need more people to sell!