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Welcome to Stanley, population 2 million

Recently we met with a home owner who proudly fished into a drawer and produced her stiff, creased and blotted old title deed. It had been a family milestone in the late 1980’s when they’d paid off the house and cleared the mortgage. And there was something special about holding that grubby piece of paper. Of course titles have been recorded in a database in Queensland since 1994 but if you still have your old deed you can hang on to it – until you sell of course!

When we’re drawing up contracts buyers often wonder why the home’s title is described as being in the County of Stanley and Parish of South Brisbane for example. The historical description dates from our English heritage and Brisbane sits in the County of Stanley, so-named for Edward the British PM of the 1850’s and 1860’s. Remember Queensland’s birth was 1859. Apparently our state now has 322 Counties, further split into 5,319 Parishes, but of course the use of these two terms has only ever related to property titles.

It seems an antiquated idea and maybe it’ll be changed in years to come. We know first hand though the importance of getting a property’s legal description spot on. This salesperson sold a vacant block of land in 1991 to a keen buyer who discovered just prior to settlement (whew!) that it was next door to the one he thought he was buying. Older readers might even remember a certain Minister of the Crown who got his own properties mixed up in a sale too – embarrassing when your own portfolio covers the Titles Registry!