Brisbane's future & new infrastructure, Woolloongabba

Gabba Business Association meets guest speakers from Cross River Rail project and the Urban Development Authority.

I today attended the monthly Gabba Business Association meeting which featured guest speakers Mr Gary Lee (Planning Manager of the Urban Development Authority) and Mr Luke Franzmann (Project Director of Cross River Rail). It was a chance for members to hear first hand about the changes that are going to occur in the Gabba in the coming years.

Most of the information that was covered in the meeting has already been widely reported in the media or on the websites of each organisation but if you haven’t had a chance to see it already you can access it through these links.

Probably of all the information we received on the evening the largest note of conjecture from the members was in regards to proposed road changes to allow a greater area of the Go Print site to be developed. The concern was that the planners hadn’t thoroughly thought through the ramifications of traffic movement in the area and that the proposed changes would make travelling through the Gabba during peak times more congested in the future. It will be interesting to see if the UDA takes any notice of these objections and come up with a better solution.