Woolloongabba to become Brisbane's most talked about suburb

pic courtesy OurBrisbane.com

It’s a big claim but that’s what Terry Ryder was expressing in his article for The Australian on the 10th of June. To justify his position Terry cites some of the factors that he believes will make Woolloongabba a suburb worth watching. These factors include the convenience offered by the Gabba to areas such as the city, South Bank, three Hospitals and four Universities. The Clem 7 has also added a degree of convenience and the plans to make the Gabba a major link in the South East Busway system.  Then there’s the Council’ s Urban Renewal Programme, the Urban Land Development Authority taking control of the government owned Go-Print site and the building of the Mater Childrens Hospital and the CSIRO construction at the old Boggo Rd Jail, right on the suburb’s doorstep. It’s hard to deny that there is an enormous amount of money being spent in the area and whichever way you look at it there’s no doubt that in 5-10 years time the Gabba will be a very different place. To read the full article click here.