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Trendwatch for selling homes: styling

Andrew Winter from "Selling Houses Australia"

Here’s a tip for real estate sales in 2010 and beyond: more and more places going up for sale will be “staged”, as the Americans call it. Sellers used to think a loaf of bread in the oven or a coffee pot bubbling would get buyers in the mood. Some clients used to put their favourite Enya CD on repeat (see the pain us agents endure!). But now we’re witnessing more and more furniture/décor makeovers ahead of our sale campaigns. And it can really work.

Our full sales team attended the recent Australasian Real Estate Conference in Sydney and Lifestyle Channel star Andrew Winter was a speaker. Andrew’s show, Selling Houses Australia, is a lot of fun with Andrew and a team of designers/handypeople helping turn real estate market ‘dogs’ into sought-after gems. Andrew talked about the value of that pre-sale spruice-up, removing your tired furniture and clutter and bringing in designer pieces that might best appeal to the target market.

Property developers and builders have been doing this for a long time, their soothingly light and open designs appealing to buyers’ senses with a bowl of red apples to match the fluffy red throw rug. There’s now a good choice of Brisbane furniture companies offering short term rentals for home sellers. You bring a storage container onto the front lawn (check this great idea), load your old couch, Slim Dusty CD’s, kids and anything else messing the place up, and ship it away for storage. An interior designer then oversees the transformation with a deft choice of modern furnishings, wall hangings, lamps and knick-knacks.

It won’t look at all like your own home and, sadly, in many cases that’s exactly what you need. This can be a tough medicine to take, as our homes can be so personal to us. But if a great sale price is what you’re after ask your agent (us!) about your options.