just for fun!, Woolloongabba

Broadway Hotel Growers Market.

If you’re out and about on a Saturday morning and you need a nice convenient way to shop for your fruit and veg, you might like to try the growers market next to the Broadway Hotel. It’s very much a case of blink and you might miss it, as it’s quite small (approximately 60 stalls) and it really is tucked in behind the hotel. The market offers some organic stalls, seasonal fruit and veges, flowers, meat, seafood and bread. However if it’s convenience you want then it’s ideal as there’s plenty of free parking and you could theoretically be in and out with everything you need in about ten minutes. Last week I was there and had a bacon and egg roll from one of the stalls that was not only the largest bacon and egg role made in the history of the universe…ever, it also cost me the very princely sum of $3.50. Admittedly I did end up wearing half of the roll on my shirt front but that I guess is sometimes the price you pay for eating a magnificent specimen of manfood that rises above bacon and egg roll mediocrity.

The Bees Nees solicitor said that I had to add a disclaimer that if your egg roll does not measure up as “the biggest roll in the universe…ever” then Bees Nees Pty Ltd and it’s associated companies take no responsibilitty for this. That said burger may have been the result of warm conversation and extreme shameless flattery rendered by the Bees Nees salesperson upon stall holder.