Highgate Hill, South Brisbane and South Bank, West End, Woolloongabba

Brisbane State High School Catchment; are you in or are you out ?

It’s a big question for families looking to buy in Brisbane’s inner south side suburbs and of course not so important for singles and couples without children. The chance of being able to send your child/children to a GPS school without it costing you thousands or even tens of thousands a year is enough motivation for families to move. While West End, Highgate Hill and South Brisbane exist entirely within the catchment, Woolloongabba only has about a third of its geographical area inside the BSHS boundaries but the suburb’s homes  can often be a more affordable option. With a 2009 median average of $555,000 it was $100,000 cheaper than Highgate Hill and West End at that time.

The basic guideline for Woolloongabba is that anything west of the South East Freeway is in the catchment, while anything on the east side is out. Of course it couldn’t be quite that simple and there are three streets that are an exception to the rule. These are Carl St, Regent St and Cornwall St. Before making any house purchases we would recommend you check the BSHS web site.