Inner Brisbane events, just for fun!

Brisbane inner city gets the run-around!

If you have surfed the Meet Our Team page of our website, – you may have read that our Operations Manager Clint has been known to compete in short course triathlons and other events requiring a certain level of fitness.

Well it has been a while since his last competition (two years in fact) and he felt a little embarrassed about his lack of activity. So in his wisdom, or a moment of craziness has just entered himself into the Half Marathon in this year’s Brisbane Running Festival to be held soon in Brisbane’s inner city. Not just content with putting just himself through weeks of training leading up to the event, he has managed to rope his wife Anita and best friend Sandra into entering as well.

Entrants into the Running Festival are encouraged to fund raise for a charity of their choice and we thought it a great opportunity to support one of favourite charities – ACT for kids.

ACT for Kids is an Australian charity that is dedicated to the treatment and prevention of child abuse. More than 60,000 individual children are affected by child abuse in Australia every single year. That’s a child every 10 minutes who is suffering a form of abuse. ACT for Kids not only provides care for the children but also helps support the family unit that is affected by domestic violence.

We have set a fund raising goal of $1000 and would like your help to smash this total. So please help with this great cause and click through the donation page.