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Brisbane lags Adelaide but better than New York?!

Surely the researchers don’t expect us to believe this one!…. According to the 2010 Mercer Quality of Living survey Brisbane is not as good a place to live as the other Australian capitals. Based on 39 criteria, including political, socio-economic, environmental, health, education, and transport, the survey covered 221 cities worldwide and compared them to New York as the base city, which it ranked in 49th position.

Brisbane was in the survey’s 36th spot with Vienna taking the gold medal and Sydney just sneaking into the top 10 cities. Who are these people ranking us behind windy Wellington NZ and sleepy Canberra?! And as much as we’re proud of modern day Brisneyland are we really more liveable than New York, London and Rome?

We do agree with the choice for wooden spoon on their list though: Baghdad, Iraq. Although their house prices must be cheap by now…

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