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Australia's fastest growing city – Brisbane still the king?

Don’t you love statistics?! Brisbane property researcher Michael Matusik has released some ABS data on Australia’s population growth in 2008-2009 and depending on your preferred interpretation the nation’s fastest growing city is Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth!

Brisbane City is the fastest growing municipality with a 21,161 jump in population for the year. (Now 1.05 million happy Brisbanites who all drive the same way as me at 5.30pm on a Friday!)

Melbourne (the big city not the little council area) grew by 93,478, making it the fastest growing capital city by numbers, with greater Brisbane 4th with 52,104 new residents.

Greater Perth can claim the title of fastest capital city by percentage, with a 3.2% jump!

So there it is – clearly Brisbane IS still the fastest growing city in Australia!