West End

West End homes miss the bus

Great news for residents in Gray Road and Morry Street, with the overnight announcement from Council that the new CityGlider bus service won’t be running past their homes.

Council’s bought the house on the corner of Hoogley and Orleigh, making room for a bus turnaround after collecting passengers from the Ferry. The other option was to remove those amazing figs trees….

CityGlider will be a high frequency inner city bus loop linking West End through the CBD to Newstead. Having it run past your home will be no fun.

So spending $1.6m on a 620m2 piece of land is probably a good political investment. Was the property worth that? According to public records the current owners paid $1.45m two years ago so it sounds about right. Certainly there’s few sales of riverfront property under $2m in areas like this any more.