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Building managers fined for parking rort in Brisbane residential buildings!

carparkNow this report comes as no surprise to us (probably most Brisbane property managers know all about it), but today we read a report about the Oaks Group, onsite managers for several of Brisbane’s inner city towers, letting out residential car spaces to inner city workers.

What’s surprising is the report mentioned nothing of the possible loss of income to landlords!

This practice is not only a breach of Brisbane City Council’s laws, but the Body Corporate Committee’s By Laws which state even tenants cannot privately rent their car space to a friend who works down the street.

Different buildings have different rules; some allow you to rent your space to another building resident, as this would mean the same amount of traffic to the building and no security breaches with non-residents entering the building’s secure environment.

We have spoken to some landlords who have their apartments managed by  onsite managers and don’t even know that their apartment has been leased with no car spaces attached.

If there is a need for more parking in inner city Brisbane, it’s not the responsibility of the resident managers to fix the issue. Is their priority looking after their clients, or filling the needs of inner city workers? Buy a Wilson Parking business if that’s your passion.

Do you know of an incident like this?