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Unsustainable! Government introduces new Sustainability Declaration

sustainability declarationSome good news for home sellers today with the state government releasing a new and shrunken form of the controversial Sustainability Declaration. Those 31 questions are now just 20.

The Minister says he listened to all our concerns and has now produced a document that doesn’t need expert help to complete. “All of these are simple questions that can be answered through a basic household inspection by the homeowner,” he said.

We don’t quite agree. A quick once around our office and we weren’t 100% on what an “evaporative airconditioner” was, nor did we know how to check how many stars our kitchen sink taps would rate.

But they’ve got rid of heaps of nonsense questions that simply weren’t getting answered anyway. So yes, it’s an improvement and we do agree with helping educate home-owners on sustainable housing options. You have to start somewhere.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got to go and bin a ream of copy paper, all those out of date Sustainability Declarations!