Brisbane landlords

Seeking a tenant for your property? What you need to get more clicks, more calls and more applicants.

Professional internal imageAs an agent we’re given the property you own, that you spend your hard earned dollars keeping, and you trust us to do our very best to manage it.

Our “very best” can be a range of things, so make sure you choose an agent for both their key skill sets: Letting & Management.

Bees Nees gives every new landlord a big gift for coming on board:  innovative and eye-catching promotion. Our promotion of rental properties is absolutely outstanding compared to most of our competitors (to be honest I have to laugh at many rental advertisements I see, they are a joke!).

Firstly, we organise a professional photography shoot. They look fantastic, even I can’t make a penthouse look good on a $99 Canon.

Secondly, we organise a drawn floor plan. So the tenants can imagine life in the home before they call us.

Thirdly, we write an ad that leaves nothing to guesswork. The facts in full so we’re making your home the easy choice on a long list of competitors! (don’t leave something out that you know tenants will ask about, or they may just call about another property!)

This is not rocket science. This is simple, informative and time saving for your tenants.

So if we create a cool ad, more people will click on it.  If we give them the information they need your home will be first choice. Then if we show them and make the process easy (24 hour turnaround), they think “Geez I’d love to rent from Bees Nees” and hey presto you have yourself a tenant.

We also know that once have a tenant, there is no way you can trust that the tenant will have  gorgeous furniture. Come time to find the next tenant, we have the lovely photos from the start!