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The poor tenants of Brisbane! City Council’s new fine of $100 is going to stink out Brisbane rental properties.

wheelie binWe’ve just read all the news online about the new fine imposed for leaving your bin out for more than 48 hours and we don’t strongly disagree.
As residents of inner city and suburban streets of Brisbane we like a neat street. But as real estate agents we wonder – who will pay the fine?

We’ve today gone out to a property under our management to complete the exit inspection, the tenants have moved on. The tenants have done exactly what we expect them to do and left their bin out waiting for bin day. I’m not dragging it in and dragging it back tomorrow (especially on 30 homes a month) Where would agents fine time. And..Yuck!

366 comments on clearly shows people have an opinion on this issue. As a tenant or landlord in Brisbane what would you prefer?
a) Tenant leaves bin on street and property manager pulls in within reasonable time frame
b) Council fines landlord, so bin is left inside and stays full (ooh stinky for next tenants)

We know for sure it will be landlords that will pay the fine (Council has all their records at their fingertips and nothing for the tenants) and that doesn’t seem fair.

We know it is an issue, but I think a ‘repeat offender’ system might have to be adopted. Your thoughts?