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The key to a successful body corp? Consider the needs of others.

Brisbane apartmentsWe’ve written before about the time required to sit on a body corp committee and our admiration for those who do. It’s thankless work and apartment buildings don’t run efficiently without them.

The big challenge is for committees to consider the needs of all owners and residents of the building. Volunteering to be involved doesn’t give you a right to run the place for your own interests alone.

A recent and worrying trend is for a body corp to issue a “no extra keys” ruling. Security is one of the main attractions to living in many apartment buildings and we understand the need to keep security swipes and keys to a minimum.

But in recent weeks a couple of inner Brisbane apartment towers have issued a new ruling that the body corp will only issue a maximum of 2 security swipes. No more.

The trouble is those owners who rent their apartments may have just been asked to breach the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act.

Section 210 requires the lessor (landlord) to give entry keys (including all swipes/fobs/cards to get in any door) to EACH and EVERY tenant.

So body corps are going to have to learn to live with the needs of their investor owners.

Unless you’d like to tell your owners of 3 bedroom apartments they can only have 2 residents. Or those in 2 bedroom apartments they can’t share a bedroom with anyone…