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A novel approach to bond refunds!

matchWhat do you do if you’re a tenant worried about some damage you’ve done to your rental home. You’re pretty confident you won’t get any bond back. Do you, A: give the agent a call to discuss? B: attempt to repair the place? or C: burn the house to the ground?!

Incredibly one Rockhampton tenant recently chose ‘C’ in an attempt to destroy evidence of his damage!

According to a report from EBM Landlord Insurance it’s alleged the tenant told a neighbour he was going to burn down the property because there was no chance of his bond being returned. Just hours later, neighbours heard smoke alarms and spotted smoke billowing from the house. Emergency services quickly extinguished the fire – luckily with little damage being caused.

The man claimed the fire was caused by his earlier attempts to burn his ex-housemate’s possessions, and he had been asleep in the property at the time – something fire-fighters could confirm, as they had to wake him up while the blaze was brought under control. The tenant pleaded guilty to wilful damage and received a fine in addition to one month’s custody served earlier, and was also ordered to pay $1,689 restitution.

We didn’t hear what happened to his bond!