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What makes a 'house' a 'home'?

Brisbane houseSo it’s Christmas and nearing the end of year we all tend to ponder a little…

Bees Nees sells and rents residential property but occasionally we like to remind ourselves that these bricks and mortar can resemble so much more for their occupants. Our cave we retreat to each night for shelter, the place our kids learnt to ride a bike, a balcony where we’ve enjoyed great laughs with friends, a dining table where we’ve shared Christmas turkey with drunk Uncle Bill…

We may choose our dwelling for its location, size and giga-watt bedroom airconditioner… but once you’ve moved in, what makes you really feel AT HOME?

Demographer Bernard Salt says our property ideals are related to our lifestyles – or at least the lifestyle we aspire to. Reported on domain.com.au,  Bernard says we simply want to be surrounded by other people “like us”. It is hard to enjoy your home if the neighbours have a very different view of the world (yes I am talking to you students who party late outside my 5-year-old’s bedroom window!)

Working in real estate for many years has given us some perspective on this, entering so many homes. The one constant is that the quantity of possessions seems to rarely have so little to do with the resident’s quality of life…

Regardless of its shape or size, as owner or as tenant, we all adapt to our home, find a place to relax, connect with others and be ourselves. It might be a favourite chair in a favourite corner that gives you that “aaaaahhhhhh, I’m home”.  It might be the kitchen (TV’s surprise hit of 2009 – Master Chef!) with your ‘creative’ and ‘provider’ needs all met at once. It might be a rusty old bathtub that offers an indulgent soak…

What makes your house feel like home, especially at Christmas? Please add your ideas in the comments section.

Here’s some thoughts from a few of our team:

David, Sales Consultant: “Smells – good ones that is. Mum’s cooking; Bbq’s across the neighbourhood. Music – the old Christmas favourites – it’s Frank Sinatra’s Christmas Album at our place. Love how he sings about snow – whatever that is! The lights on the Christmas tree when the house is dark – waiting for Santa and presents. Little running footsteps on the floorboards when I get home from work. Kids playing in the yard till late – they can even use the hose again. Cool evening breezes at the end of a summer day. Late sunsets.”

Karen, Senior Property Manager: “Setting up the outdoor area or deck with lights, candles and plants – the lifestyle factor that’s going to get a workout over the summer break.”

Rob, MD: “The moment when I brought my eldest daughter home from hospital. It was just after Christmas and my first real encounter with a seriously strong ‘parental protector’ instinct! Perfecting a barbecued steak under the pergola. Sunday afternoons in summer watching cricket from “Dad’s armchair”.”

Clint, Operations Manager: “A fully stocked bar fridge.”

Richard, Sales Consultant: “Sharing time with friends, family and loved ones around can make a place, occasion or experience feel extra special.”

Zita, Property Manager: “The people inside it – a big group of family and friends and a HUGE roast dinner! … oh and BOM BOMS with the paper crown hats.”

Annie: Manager – Property Management: “The sounds, tastes & smells of Christmas with all my family.”