Spring Hill

Terror on Wickham Terrace

This is one for the historians! On this day (December the 1st 1955) a terrible set of events unfolded on one of Brisbane’s most famous streets, Wickham Terrace Spring Hill, which is renowned for its doctors and hospitals.

Karl Kast was the perpetrator, a patient who felt that he had been wrongfully diagnosed by several doctors on Wickham Terrace all of whom could not find anything wrong with him. Karl claimed that he had severe back pain after falling into a ditch and believed he should receive a pension for the rest of his life.

With the help of X-rays none of the doctors could substatiate Karl’s claims. As a result Karl by now had utter contempt for the doctors and in a fit of rage threatend to kill all doctors who had challenged his claim!

These threats were ultimately carried out to some regard and led to Karl shooting dead two medical professionals and injuring a third before eventually taking his own life out the front of Barlow Chambers.

Brisbane is celebrating it’s 150th birthday so we hope you enjoy our quick series of posts about Brisbane history.

Wickham Terrace today... a much quieter scene!

Wickham Terrace today... a much quieter scene!