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Landlords fork out! 'Hotel' tenancies and the associated damages.


After taking on several managements in a CBD apartment tower that have been previously handled by the short term rental pool I have found the landlord having to fork out for replacement items, cleaning and damages.

I found the rice cooker, saucepans set, toaster, some bedding and a fork and spoon missing, the carpet in the bedroom was stained, the lounges were both covered in black scuffs from shoes, there were heavy dents on the entry walls and the coverlets on the beds had a few hairs, dust and marks on them.

Unfortunately, in accordance with the previous management agreement these items are not replaced or repaired by the outgoing hotel guests or by the management. The landlord has to fork out several hundred dollars so I can let it again in a long term tenancy agreement.

When I explained to the landlord that when our new long term tenants move out they’ll be paying for any replacements or damages from the bond, they were surprised but of course happy.

I don’t really understand how the landlord can just accept that nobody went to check the inventory, or cleaned the property to a standard high enough to re-let. The hotel cleaners obviously wipe over and clean general items, but a thorough clean is not within the terms of the management agreement.

At Bees Nees the landlord can rest assured at the end of the tenancy we completely finalise the vacate inspection with an inventory check. It takes longer, but we take that into consideration with our fees.

If the rice cooker is missing, sorry Mr Tenant that is coming out of your bond and means a trip down to Kmart for me!