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If you can read and understand 36 pages then you CAN manage your own property!

It’s excellent to see that the Residential Tenancies Authority have released a ‘Green Booklet’ for landlords.

Each time we sign up a new tenant and handover keys, we must provide the RTA’s Form 17a Information Statement or “The Green Booklet”. We love The Green Booklet as it explains so many basic rules relating to a tenancy.

It’s good to provide the same basic info to landlords, as if there is something a landlord doesn’t understand, they can find general information in this booklet.

Some landlords assume incorrect information and this type of document is produced widely to educate, which we love!

But even if you CAN understand 36 pages, the booklet is no substitute for years of experience and knowledge.

All Property Managers will tell you that you keep learning throughout your career and in a team environment when we have a challenge we seek advice from our colleagues… so how can a landlord possibly manage the risks of tenancies themselves?

Starting a tenancy

Starting a tenancy

All tenants are good while they’re good, and yes they’re easy to manage. Once you have an actual dispute to manage, it’s a very different story!

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