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Jilted lover turns tenant nightmare

tenants in troubleThis story is courtesy of EBM Insurance. We normally like to write our own but this one’s just too good to pass over!

The old saying that ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ hit home in dramatic fashion for a Queensland landlord and his ill-fated tenant recently.

This particular claim involves a male tenant who was happily renting a property on the Gold Coast, Queensland. On occasion, his girlfriend would stay at the property with him.

That was until she found out he was married.

Suffice to say, the woman in question was none too pleased to discover her man’s infidelity. But instead of taking it out on him, she chose the property’s carpets and curtains to be the victims of her rage.

Covering a large portion of the property’s carpets with red nail polish, and a little for the curtains as well, the tenant soon found that his behaviour had quite dire consequences. The damage was quite extensive, with nail polish even seeping into the grouting between floor tiles throughout the premises.

One can only imagine the landlord’s shock upon seeing the state of his property and thankfully, this landlord had a RentCoverUltra policy in place. Without delay, the landlord contacted EBM Insurance Brokers who immediately began steps to rectify the situation.

RentCover General Manager Sharon Fox-Slater said this early action by the landlord enabled the claim to be processed quickly and the damage repaired without delay.

“Clearly this claim involves some unique circumstances, but from the landlord’s point of view, he was left with widespread damage which is obviously of great concern,” Ms Fox-Slater said.

“In total, the claim was for approximately $3000, meaning some fairly extensive reparation work was needed.

“Protecting landlords in these types of situations is exactly why RentCover’s range of policies exists. Policies like RentCoverUltra cover property owners for tenant-related damage, and as this claim illustrates, even in circumstances where the damage has been caused by a guest of the tenant.”